Friday | June 22nd | 2012

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lecture hall @ Neubau 2 | Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Kuenste

Am Weissenhof 1 | D-70191 Stuttgart

09:00 am

registration open

09:30 am

welcome address:

Petra von Olschowski | president of the academy

John Scott | New York Conservation Foundation and ICOM-CC directory board

Gerhard Eggert | head, study programme "objects conservation"

Session I:

[bronzes of the old world]


Katharina Schmidt-Ott, Zurich (CH)

09:45 am

Frank Willer | Bonn (GER) || small fragments of large statues: the Limes project

10:15 am

Uwe Peltz | Berlin (GER) || the Etruscan "tomb of the warrior" from Tarquinia and the conservation of bronzes in the 1960s on the museum island in Berlin

10:45 am

poster session / coffee break

11:15 am

Janet Schramm | Stuttgart (GER) || lorica squamata - investigation of a Roman copper alloy scale armour

11:45 am

Nicole Ebinger-Rist | Esslingen (GER) || virtual reconstruction of shadows - corroded celtic copper investigated with x-ray CT

12:15 pm

Roland Schwab | Mannheim (GER) || brasses are not bronzes: history, metallurgy and corrosion of archaeological and historical brass alloys

12:45 pm

lunch break

Session II:

[bronze corrosion]


Gerhard Eggert, Stuttgart (GER)

02:00 pm

Amalia Siatou | Athens (GR) || corrosion of archaeological bronze in non- hostile burial environment

02:30 pm

Martina Griesser | Vienna (A) || analysis of corrosion phenomena and optimisation of the storage conditions for high leaded antique bronze coins

03:00 pm

Andrea Fischer | Stuttgart (GER) || whodunit: glass corrosion or cleaning? a survey of corroded 18th c. enamel boxes in the Landesmuseum Wuerttemberg

03:30 pm

poster session/ coffee break

04:00 pm

Brigitte Bruehl | Stuttgart (GER) || copper soaps on ethnographic objects

04:30 pm

Edith Joseph | Zurich (CH) || development and evaluation of an innovative biological treatment for the protection of metal artefacts

05:00 pm

tour (optional) | a short walk into architectural history: the Weissenhof estate

06:00 pm

get-together (extra ticket needed: 15 EUR, food & drinks incl.)

Posters on display throughout the day:

Kati Bott | Stuttgart (GER)

gilding techniques on Roman life size bronze statues from UNESCO-world heritage Limes - investigations on diffusion-gilding of bronze statues?

Ines Frontzek | Schwaebisch Hall (GER)

"when the eye is delighted by the art of these metals..." brown varnish on the Romanesque Comburg wheel chandelier

Joerg Stelzner | Esslingen (GER)

decalcifying bronze finds: a comparison of different chelating agents

Saturday | June 23rd | 2012

go to Friday | June 22nd

lecture hall @ Landesmuseum Wuerttemberg, Altes Schloss

09:00 am

welcome adress:

Andrea Funck | chief conservator Landesmuseum Wuerttemberg

Session III:

[conservation of outdoor bronzes]


Britta Schmutzler, Stuttgart (GER)

09:15 am

Joerg Freitag | Potsdam || restoration and conservation of freely weathered bronzes in Germany - the last 15 years

09:45 am

Martin Mach | Munich || the restoration of the "Bavaria memorial" (bronze) in Munich

10:15 am

coffee break

10:45 am

Rolf-Dieter Blumer | Esslingen (GER) || composition and corrosion-behaviour of differently old patinas on copper plates for roofing and on some parts of a bronze statue in south-west Germany

11:15 am

John Scott | New York (USA) || a new method for conserving weathered surfaces of copper and bronze

11:45 am

Christa Scheiblauer | St. Poelten (A) || conservation of cast bronze sculptures by Daniel Spoerri

12:15 pm

pretzel break

12:45 pm

guided tour:

by Rolf-Dieter Blumer | Esslingen (GER) || a short walk to recently conserved bronze statues

02:00 pm

guided tour:

by Jan Warnecke and Moritz Paysan | Stuttgart (GER) || preventive conservation from the beginning: the new galleries of Landesmuseum Wuerttemberg

ca.: 04.00 pm

end of programme

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